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Jabba the Hutt Cookie Jar by Star Jars

April 26, 2010

Star Jars had a line of ceramic Star Wars cookie jars in the late 1990s (this piece was released in 1998). The line consisted of Princess Leia, Obi-wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, Jabba the Hutt, C-3PO, and Wicket the Ewok. They were going to produce more, including a Boba Fett for which a prototype was produced, but the company went out of business before they were made. Apparently, the list price was originally $250, which is way too expensive in my opinion. You can get these for significantly less than that nowadays, although for some reason Jabba is definitely one of the less common ones. The edition size on this was 1000 pieces, but I see them up for sale so infrequently that I wonder if they actually produced that many.

These are quite large jars. I also have the C-3PO one and it looks to be about 3/4 scale. Jabba is of course a much smaller scale since they included his whole body, but at nearly 15″ tall he’s still considerably larger than most other Jabba collectibles. In fact, the only two that are bigger are the Attakus Jabba and the Illusive Concepts Jabba.

The paint work on this is pretty mediocre. Jabba is just a yellowish cream color and a green color  without any other highlights or shading, aside from some green brushstrokes applied to the cream colored parts. Still, I kind of like the sculpt, and the size is impressive. And it’s a Jabba cookie jar! 😀 I’ll always associate it with this picture:

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  1. Steven permalink
    February 7, 2011 3:33 pm

    Hi, I only recently saw literature on the Star Jars range with Boba Fett shown, but not Wicket. Having bought what I thought was a full set over the last decade, I became interested in whether a BF had been produced or not.

    Now I know from your site that SJ went bust before the full range was produced, which is a shame. No idea why the Ewok was made before BF, especially as it was on their flyer and Wicket wasn’t.

    I know what you mean about the Jabba CJ. It’s my least favourite of the series but it wouldn’t be the same with an incomplete set, (sad I know) but the reason why they are rare is because the full 100 weren’t produced.

    As I understand it, less than half the edition were produced, probably more like 250-350. I think the Obi-wan is superb, a great likeness of AG, and very in keeping with Rumph, Sigma or Roman Ceramics.

    Just as a foot note, I recently bought the only surviving Death Star CJ prototype by Cards Inc. No idea why it wasn’t produced as it looked excellent. Unfortunately the seller packed it badly and it was delivered smashed. I was pretty gutted, especially as nothing now remains of what would have been a stunning item.

    Still, I’ve just arranged to buy another prototype CJ, again of one not produced, so fingers crossed.

  2. icruise permalink
    February 7, 2011 4:53 pm

    Wow, that’s terrible news about the Death Star jar. My C-3PO jar actually arrived partially broken too (his face had broken all the way off), but I was able to fix it well enough to display. You really have to be careful packing these things.

    I assume you’ve seen the new Death Star Cookie Jar that just came out?

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