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Hasbro Legacy Collection Malakili (Rancor Keeper)

April 4, 2010

This is the latest version of Malakili, better known to most as the Rancor Keeper. I believe this is the third version that’s been made, the first being the vintage figure and the second being the Power of the Force version from the 1990s (I haven’t written about either of these yet, but I will). They’re all pretty well done in reality, but this is certainly the best. It’s got good sculpting and much better articulation than any of the previous versions. He comes with his weapon and a removable cowl. I like the bit of airbrushing on the chest to suggest chest hair.

I’ve always liked the character of the Rancor Keeper. He’s a kind of a throwaway character in that he’s only on screen for a few seconds, but the way he reacts when the Rancor is killed is another one of those moments that really adds a lot to the depth of the story. It implies that there are all sorts of things going on that we only get a glimpse of.

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