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B’omarr Monk Mail-Away Figure by Kenner

March 18, 2010

In the unstated backstory to Return of the Jedi, the B’omarr monks were the original owners of Jabba’s palace and in fact were still there even after Jabba and his cadre had taken over. They had transferred their brains to spider-like robots so they could spend more time contemplating the universe, and still wandered around the palace not really caring what Jabba was up to.

This figure is from 1997, and was not available in stores. You had to send away for it, presumably including a check for the shipping and some proofs of purchase from other figures. You also have to assemble it, and the legs are sort of prone to coming apart, but it’s a pretty cool figure and surprisingly large. It’s about as tall as a normal figure at its tallest point, and much bigger and wider.

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