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Hasbro Power of the Force 3D Jabba’s Palace Display Diorama

March 11, 2010

This was originally released in 1998 as part of Hasbro’s Power of the Force line. It’s a cardboard version of Jabba’s throne room that you have to assemble by unfolding various parts and putting some tabs into slots, etc. It also comes with a unique Han Solo in Carbonite figure (actually it’s him just after coming out of the carbonite — you get a normal Han figure with a sort of shell that you can put him in).

It’s quite large (the box says it’s 25″ wide) and the art is well done, but I’ve got to say, this is pretty horrible as a playset. The cardboard is very thin and flimsy, so it’s difficult to get it to stay together even for display. In particular I had trouble with the throne folding up on its own. I have zero confidence that it would survive even a single play session with the average kid, especially without some reinforcing with tape.

For these pictures, I’ve just placed a few POTF-era figures in the diorama to give you a sense of scale, although I used the Ultra Jabba instead of the terrible POTF Jabba, since he can’t even face the right direction to sit on the throne. The diorama doesn’t look that bad in these photos, actually, but I’m just not very impressed with it. If the cardboard was thicker and sturdier (like the stuff used in the Battle at Sarlacc’s Pit game), it would be a lot better.

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