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Deagostini Bib Fortuna Figurine and Magazine (“The Official Figurine Collection” #27)

March 8, 2010

This is the next in the “Official Figurine Collection” series, after Jabba. It’s a good sculpt for the size and the paintwork is well done, although mine seems to have a chip on the lekku (head tentacle). The magazine has 3 pages on Bib and 2 pages on Twi’leks in general, with the rest of the magazine being devoted to other subjects. Bib had more of a colorful backstory than I had realized, although I don’t know where all it comes from (novels?).

According to the magazine, he survived after Jabba’s sail barge blew up and returned to the palace, where he was betrayed by the B’omarr monks, who removed his brain from his body (the B’omarr monks themselves, you may recall, are nothing but disembodied brains in spider-like robot bodies). But he managed to get his brain put into the body of another Twi’lek, allowing him to continue his evil machinations.

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