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Upcoming: Jabba’s Palace Kubricks Update

March 2, 2010

Some new information about the upcoming Jabba-related wave of Kubrick figures has recently come to light. Some of this is second or third-hand info so it could change, but it sounds accurate enough to me.

These are expected to come out in June and apparently come in boxes of 12 (which in turn come in master cases of 4 boxes). It looks like each box of 12 is going to be around $160. This is basically the way previous waves have been handled, so no real surprises here although it wasn’t clear if this new “DX” wave would be the same or not. Each box will apparently have the following distribution of figures:

2x Luke ( Jedi Knight )
3x C-3PO & Salacious Crumb
3x R2-D2 ( Jabba’s Barge )
2x Chewbacca ( Boushh’s Prisoner )
1x Amanaman
1x Bib Fortuna

No word on if there are chases, or what they might be. Each figure is supposed to come with one piece that can be assembled to make the Jabba above, but as of right now we’re not sure exactly what the pieces are, or who comes with what. Since you’ll be getting a number of duplicates if you buy a box, you’ll presumably get enough to make part of an extra Jabba/throne as well. It’s also possible that the parts just come on their own in each box of 12, and aren’t included with the individual figures at all. (There are still a fair number of unknowns about this set.)

I also discovered today that there will apparently be a cardboard background for the set, but assuming the info I have is correct, there will only be one of these included in each master case! That means they will be quite rare and expensive.

Finally, in addition to the nice shot of Jabba above, I also found a good photo of all of the standard figures in the wave.

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