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Vintage Jabba’s Throne Room Super Transfer Set by Presto Magix

December 31, 2009

I wrote about a couple of  individual Presto Magix sets (Jabba’s the Hutt Throne Room Scene and Sarlacc Pit) a while ago, but this is considerably more impressive. While the others were just paper in a plastic wrapper, this is boxed and includes a very sturdy board like you might find in a board game. It includes 6 sheets of transfers and a “special magix stick” which is just a plastic stylus that you can use to apply the transfers instead of using a pen or pencil. I love the picture of this kid on the box. He’s also featured prominently on the instructions.

As with the other sets, there are some odd character choices for the transfers. Admiral Ackbar is here again (four times!), as well as people like Darth Vader who weren’t seen in Jabba’s Palace. But I guess the idea is that you can make up your own story that doesn’t necessarily follow the movie. You do get most of the characters that you’d expect (even Oola and a huge rancor) but there’s still no Slave Leia. In the entry about the other Jabba Presto Magix set I complained that you got the Endor “bike riding” version of Leia instead of Slave Leia, and in this version you get the “Ewok celebration” Leia. Maybe they were under orders not to use Slave Leia due to her revealing outfit, but the inclusion of Oola seems a little odd if that’s the case. Unfortunately my set has two of the same sheets, and is missing the one with the Millennium Falcon and other ships.

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