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Vintage Jabba the Hutt and Sarlacc Pit Presto Magix

December 14, 2009

In case you never used Presto Magix, they consist of a sheet of artwork and a sheet of transfers that you can apply to the artwork by scribbling on the back with a pencil. The idea is that you can place the characters or items anywhere you want on the sheet, making your own scene. The artwork is a little odd on these, almost like it was traced from an original image. Comparing the Jabba to the one on my vintage Jabba the Hutt sticker, for example, shows that they are both clearly based on the same artwork, but the Presto Magix version seems a little deformed somehow. Anyway, these are fun little pieces and inexpensive enough to actually use if you want to (assuming that they still work after all these years — I haven’t tried yet). They make a larger boxed Presto Magix set based on Jabba’s palace that I still need to track down.

One funny thing to note is that they included Admiral Ackbar with the aliens from Jabba’s palace for no apparent reason. On the Sarlacc Pit one they also used Leia in her Endor outfit instead of the slave outfit she should be wearing. The latter might be because of the skimpy nature of that costume, but I can’t help but think that Ackbar’s presence is just a mistake.

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