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Custom Jabba the Hutt Mighty Mugg

November 23, 2009

I liked Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs. They were cute and relatively affordable at $10-$11, especially when you consider that the base price for a Star Wars action figure is now hovering around $8. I have all of the Star Wars ones and was upset to hear that they probably won’t be making any more. There are a lot of Muggs that I’d like to see from Star Wars, but Jabba is of course right at the top of my list, so I decided to make one myself. There’s a whole community of customizers out there, and some talented people who design them as well. Matching the “Mugg” style can be tricky, so I decided to use a design made by Rockslide on the Mighty Muggs forum. I’d like to make some more of these — especially Bib Fortuna — if I can come up with a good design.

Here are some more pictures, including some “in process” ones.

I used a Plo Koon Mighty Mugg as the base, because he has the “skirt” instead of separate legs like most figures. I added some screws to serve as a sort of armature for the clay I was going to use for his tail.

Then I sculpted the tail out of Fimo modeling clay and baked it. Unfortunately, his head melted a tiny bit in the oven, making it a little misshapen. But then again, Jabba’s real head was misshapen as well.

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  1. April 8, 2011 12:14 pm

    This looks great! I was surfing around the web looking at mighty muggs and saw your jabba from my mock-up design (I’m Rockslide). I love how it turned out. I looked around the rest of your Jabba collection, its really cool. I didn’t know there was anyone so devoted to Jabba out there!

    I have a huge collection of toys and junk. I have several Jabbas from throughout the years. My favorite is the huge latex jabba I picked up back in the mid-90’s. Its two and half feet long and super detailed.

    Anyway, your blog was fun to look at.

    • icruise permalink
      April 8, 2011 7:47 pm

      Thanks for stopping by, Rocky. I love your artwork.

  2. GatorShea permalink
    July 6, 2012 3:03 pm

    Awesome Jabba you created. I was searching to see if a Bib Fortuna Mighty Muggs had ever been created and I came across the one you made. I then took a look at your Jabba and was really impressed. What other Mighty Muggs have you designed and do you have a gallery to see them all? Thanks!

    • icruise permalink
      July 6, 2012 5:56 pm

      Thanks. I’ve made Jabba, Salacious Crumb, Oola, Bib Fortuna and the Rancor. You can see them on my site by searching for “muggs.” I have more that I’d like to do, but I’ve gotten sidetracked.

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