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Upcoming: Jabba the Hutt Connoisseur Series Autographs

November 18, 2009

I’m not a collector of autographs in general, but I decided I had to get in on this piece. Wattographs, which is a site that specializes in Star Wars autographs, has what is called its “Connoisseur Series” of autographs. Basically, they get a bunch of cast members from Star Wars to sign a photo, but the unique thing about it is that they choose a theme (one of the most popular ones was “ewoks” and was signed by 27 or 28 people who played ewoks). The people tend to be on the obscure side — mostly behind-the-scenes and behind-the-mask types of people — but that’s kind of the appeal. Instead of just purchasing the autographed photo outright, you pay an initial fee (of $79 in this case) for the photo and the first two signers, and then you pay a bit each month as they add signatures. It will take several months to complete.

With this Jabba piece, they’re going to be having a number of people who were involved in creating and performing Jabba for Return of the Jedi, including John Coppinger (Jabba sculptor and author of the Creating Jabba the Hutt article I just linked to). They’ve got 9 or 10 signers lined up now, and will probably be adding at least a couple more. This will not be an inexpensive piece, although each signature is not particularly expensive. I’m expecting it to top $300 by the end. Still, I think this kind of opportunity won’t be coming along any time soon, if ever. They are apparently close to selling out of the photos for this piece and in any case will only be selling them through the end of November, so if you’re interested I suggest you get in on it now.

(UPDATE: The 16 x 20 version sold out just hours after I posted this. The 11 x 14 is still available as of this writing, but probably won’t be around for long.)

(UPDATE 2: This has now completely sold out. They just announced that everyone who ordered the CS series will also be receiving a small piece of the skin from the actual puppet used in Return of the Jedi! I’m pretty excited about that.)

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