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Vintage Jabba the Hutt Play-Doh Playset

October 9, 2009

This is awesome. This Jabba the Hutt-themed Play-Doh playset from 1983 comes with half-molds for Jabba/Salacious Crumb, Bib Fortuna/Han in Carbonite, Squid Head/Luke, and Leia as Boushh/Gamorrean Guard. It also comes with a nifty plastic mat that shows Jabba’s throne, 3 cans of Play-Doh, a wooden roller and a plastic knife. And let’s not forget the plastic skiff that your Play-Doh creations can ride on.

I got this on ebay complete with the original Play-Doh, and let me just say for the record that you do not want the original Play-Doh — at least not if it’s been opened and played with. The metal bottoms of the cans had rusted through and the Play-Doh inside had reached an odd stage that combines desiccation with purification. Nasty stuff. Anyway, I look forward to playing with this with my four-year-old.

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