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Illusive Concepts Jabba the Hutt

September 17, 2009

This was put out by Illusive concepts in the mid 90s. It’s made of some sort of foam, so it’s soft to the touch. I’ve heard that some people have had issues with the foam deteriorating, but mine is fine. The sculpt isn’t bad, although there are noticeable mold lines in places. The main problem is the paint job. As with many Jabba pieces, it’s overly green (with some blue in it as well) and the detail work is pretty messy around the mouth and eyes. Some of the pieces I’ve seen have huge glops of clear gloss “saliva” around the mouth, but on mine it’s a bit more subtle.

Overall, it’s not terrible, but certainly not even close to something like the Sideshow Jabba, even if it is a big bigger. It just seems dated now that there are other, better options out there. I got mine very cheaply on ebay. I wouldn’t pay more than $50 or so (not including shipping), and that’s only if you are trying to get the full range of Jabba pieces like I am. If you just want a Jabba statue, go for the Sideshow piece or the Gentle Giant one.

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  1. Carlo permalink
    October 30, 2014 6:20 am

    The reason it’s nothing like the Sideshow Jabba is because the large one is 20 years old, 20 years from now I bet the Sideshow one will be old news too but back in 94….. that Jabba was it! It was awesome….. oh well….. times change and materials get better lol.

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