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Vintage Return of the Jedi Punch-Out & Make-It Book

August 14, 2010

This book (which I won on ebay for all of $0.99) has punch-out paper models for an Imperial Shuttle, Jabba’s Sail barge, Jabba’s Skiff, Speeder Bike, and Ewok Hang Glider. It’s printed on moderately thick paper, with a few of the pages (the ones with the more important structural parts) on a thicker card stock. I found the models to be fairly easy to put together, as they are well perforated and have scored fold lines where you need to fold something.

The finished Sail Barge is about 13″ long, while the skiff is about 6″ long. There are even some little paper figures of the main characters that you can punch out and put on your vehicles (although there is no Jabba, and the scale is pretty off in comparison with the vehicles).

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