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Vintage Return of the Jedi Match Blocks Puzzle by Master Craft

June 25, 2010

“It’ll drive you crazy!” “It’s a crazy mixed up puzzle!”

Excuse the slanty photography, but I had to take the photo from an oblique angle to avoid getting a reflection of the flash. This odd puzzle measures 11″ by 14″ and features images of Jabba, Jedi Luke, Leia as Boushh and Skiff Guard Lando. Instead of having differently shaped pieces that you fit together as with most puzzles, all of its pieces are square. The characters are mixed up in such a way that you can only complete the picture correctly using one arrangement of the pieces. But there are only nine pieces, so it’s not as if it’s all that difficult. Far from being “fun and challenging for everyone” I found it to be rather boring. Maybe small children would enjoy it more. Anyway, it’s an interesting piece that I hadn’t seen before.

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