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Upcoming: Gentle Giant Premier Guild-Exclusive Jumbo Holiday Salacious Crumb Figure

July 30, 2015


I just received an email announcing this figure as a Premier Guild exclusive, meaning that only members of Gentle Giant’s $80-a-year club can order. Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in. I guess I’m going to have to sign up for PGM again.

I’ve posted a few times about the Jumbo Kenner Jabba the Hutt that they will be releasing later this year, and this Salacious Crumb will be included with that set. However, this is a standalone carded version that also includes some “Holiday” accessories. The email said that it comes with “hat, scarf, and bag of goodies and more!” Looking at the photo indicates that he comes with a C-3PO head (although it appears to be a lot lower in detail than the actual head from the Jumbo C-3PO figure) and a box for a Gentle Giant Gamorrean Guard mini-bust. The figure itself costs $80 and is scheduled for a fourth quarter 2015 release.

Gentle Giant really seems to like making Holiday versions of Jabba’s Palace characters. They made a similar holiday version of their Salacious Crumb mini-bust and of their Max Rebo statue, but I only have the regular versions of these as the exclusives are rather pricey. They also made their Yak Face mini-bust a sort of combined Holiday/regular release, since you can swap out the holiday themed accessories.


As you can tell by the photo above, the jumbo version is much bigger than the original. I think these jumbo figures should always be photographed with the originals next to them, since otherwise you have no frame of reference to judge their size. Speaking of this, I recently unearthed some photos from SDCC of the Jumbo Jabba the Hutt figure that’s currently in development. When you see it side by side with the original figure, you can tell that the Jumbo Jabba is going to be positively gargantuan!


Look at this comparison I just took between the vintage Kenner Jabba and the Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale Jabba.


The Kenner figure is WAY bigger in relation to the Sideshow figure than it is to the Jumbo, meaning that the Jumbo Jabba will dwarf the Sideshow figure! Here’s one more shot. Impressive, no?


Jabba the Hutt “Heavy Things” Phish Pin by Pinsanity

July 28, 2015


This pin by Pinsanity features Jabba on his throne with Salacious Crumb. Above them is the phrase “Heavy things.” From what I understand, this is a “Phish pin” that might be sold at Phish concerts. I don’t really know much about Phish, but I actually do know the song “Heavy Things,” which I assume this is a reference to. Interestingly, this is the second Jabba-themed Phish pin in my collection, the first being a “Jabba Ghost” pin.

Star Wars Epoxy Stickers by Hallmark

July 27, 2015


I picked these stickers up at the local Hallmark Store for $3. I’m not really familiar with the term “epoxy stickers” but they are basically three-dimensional stickers made of clear plastic with the character design on top. These use the same character designs as Hallmark’s line of plastic party cups, which I posted about last year. They’re cute and you get two sheets of stickers in the package, so it seems like a pretty good deal.


Japanese Bikkuriman Sticker (Jabba the Hutt) by Lotte

July 26, 2015


Bikkuriman is a kind of wafer sandwich with chocolate cream in the middle. They’ve traditionally had some sort of collectible sticker included with each wafer, but just recently they launched a line of Star Wars stickers. There are 24 characters in the first set (which is all original trilogy characters) and I believe there will be the same number in the set of prequel characters that will be releasing a bit later. You can see all of the stickers here, or check the YouTube video below to see what the packaging and wafer look like (it’s not mine — I had to just get the sticker by itself on eBay). I like the art style — they’re all very polished, and of course it’s artwork that was created just for these stickers, which is great. They’re pretty big at around 2 inches square, and they have a sort of metallic rainbow effect to them.

The back of the sticker reads:

Lotte Episode IV/V/VI Collectors Sticker No.14

Jabba the Hutt

Head of a gigantic intergalactic crime syndicate, Jabba rules the Tatooine underworld with a personality that is greedy and cruel, fearless and barbaric.

Star Wars Rumors

Many bounty hunters and scoundrels come to the Hutt crime lord looking for work.

Bib Fortuna and Leia as Boushh Funko POP Bobbleheads

July 24, 2015


I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of bobbleheads, but Funko’s POP! figures seem to be unstoppable. They’ve put out dozens and dozens of these for all kinds of pop culture properties, not the least of which is Star Wars. I’ve been buying the ones that could fit into a Jabba’s Palace display, but don’t really have any desire to get other characters. I picked these two up at my local Barnes & Noble, which is slowly being taken over by these figures.


Bib Fortuna is a relatively obscure character compared to the Vaders and Yodas we tend to get, and the fact that I can pick him up at the local B&N shows how extensive Funko’s line of figures is getting. I’m sure they probably decided to release him and Boushh as companions to the upcoming Walmart-exclusive Jabba set. He’s well sculpted and fits the whole Funko POP aesthetic pretty well.


I had some trouble getting the Boushh figure’s head to stay straight, and that’s a complaint I have about a lot of these figures. In her case, it’s a bit tilted to one side, but I’ve also had issues with figures appearing to look off to one side or the other. I would like these WAY more if they were solid figures without the bobblehead “feature.”


Here are all of the figures I have at the moment. I’ll have to say, they look pretty good when seen as a group. I’m looking forward to getting the larger scale Jabba so I can put together a proper throne room display. I do hope we get some more characters like the Rebo Band or maybe some other palace aliens. Lando in his skiff guard disguise would seem like a no-brainer, and I would be shocked if we didn’t get a Han in Carbonite somehow, although I’m not sure how they would incorporate the bobblehead feature in that case.

6″ Black Series Princess Leia Organa (Boushh) Figure by Hasbro

July 23, 2015


Although Hasbro says that its line of 6″ Black Series figures is doing very well, I do sense some disappointment among some collectors on forums with the direction the series has taken. It was supposed to be a higher-end, collector-centric line — not just bigger, but also more detailed and better sculpted. However, some of the figures (e.g. Obi-Wan) don’t even seem as nice or as detailed as their smaller-scale counterparts. I’ve read some complaints about this figure as well. Let’s see how it measures up.


At first glance it looks really nice, although it’s pretty evident right off the bat that there is basically nothing in the way of weathering or additional detail. There’s very little extra paint on the accessories and no washes or anything were used on the body. It looks like a toy more than a high-end figure. And to be fair, that’s what Hasbro makes — toys. Still, a bit of a dark wash over the costume would really help bring out the detail and make it seem less toylike.  She comes with a force pike, backpack, thermal detonator and helmet, which goes over the bare-headed Leia sculpt.


The Leia sculpt looks good from a distance, but click on one of the images here and you’ll see all sorts of fuzzy edges on the paint and some truly bizarre indentations on her skin. I think it does the job, since it does look pretty good from a reasonable distance, but it would be nice if it were neater.


The main issue with this figure is the size. She’s MUCH larger than the previously released Slave Leia figure, which is just weird. Carrie Fisher was quite petite, but this figure makes her look like Brienne of Tarth. She’s the same height as the Jedi Luke figure, and that’s just wrong.


WTF Hasbro?!

I wonder if part of the reason for this super-sizing was that they wanted her to look good with their Chewbacca figure, which is huge (even for a wookiee). Seen in isolation, the pair looks about right together.


Overall, I like the figure despite the scale issues. It’ll be a nice addition to my Jabba’s Palace display, and allow me to add Chewbacca to it as well.


“Princess Leia” Comic Issue 001 (Variant Edition with Custom Cover by Alfredo Lopez Jr.)

July 22, 2015


Marvel has gone a little variant-crazy with its new series of Star Wars comics. Star Wars #1 apparently had 95 variant covers. I don’t know how many variants they did for Princess Leia #1, but this is the sketch cover variant, with artwork by artist Alredo “Freddy” Lopez Jr. It’s got a blank white card stock cover over the normal cover, which is intended for artists to create their own original artwork.


I really like what Freddy did with all of the characters here. Of course, Leia is very stylized and doesn’t bear much resemblance to Carrie Fisher, but she’s quite well done. Jabba in particular manages to look both cute and menacing at the same time. It appears to have been drawn with ink and markers.


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