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Now on YouTube: “Jabba’s Palace Roll Call #3: Oola”

February 12, 2016

It’s been a little while since I made the last video in this series, but I plan to continue with it. These videos cover characters from Jabba’s palace (particularly the minor ones), outlining their backstory from Return of the Jedi and other things like short stories, and then introducing the merchandise that has been made for that character.

“Super Fire Speed Break” Coffee Can with Jabba the Hutt Artwork from Kirin Japan

February 11, 2016


Kirin in Japan is currently selling a line of Star Wars-themed cans that have various characters on them (you can see them on the Kirin website here at the moment, but I assume this will go away at some point). I imagine that these are mostly sold in convenience stores, where you would be able to pick out a particular character, rather than in vending machines, but I’m not sure.


Canned coffee is a big deal in Japan. There are dozens of brands that range from super strong black to sickly sweet, and you can buy it cold or hot from vending machines just about anywhere. In the winter, you can use the cans as hand warmers. Since they are often served hot, they’re made of steel, which gives them a nice heft. But as you can see in the picture below, they are generally quite small (to American eyes, anyway).


Anyway, it was cool to get another Jabba can in my collection (the first being the Jabba Pepsi can dating back to the days of Episode One).

Now on YouTube: Jabba the Hutt Hat Collection!

February 6, 2016

Here’s a YouTube video that I made showing off all of my Jabba hats, including the New Era ones I just posted about.

Jabba the Hutt Fitted Cap by New Era ( Exclusive)

February 2, 2016


I first posted about New Era’s Jabba the Hutt fitted cap almost exactly 6 years ago, in February of 2010. It was part of a collection of Star Wars caps that were exclusive to Japan, so that made them hard to get to start with. But the Jabba hat in particular was much rarer because they discontinued it almost instantly due to some unspecified manufacturing issues. At that point, they had only made a small number of them (and only in size 7 1/2). I was lucky enough to have been in Japan on business right when they came out, so I was able to get one. Since then, it’s been one of my favorite pieces, since very few people have one and it has a sort of story attached to it. I’ve been offered a fair amount of money for it on multiple occasions (not crazy money, but still many times what it originally cost).


So I was very surprised when I saw this hat appear on eBay. I did a little research and found that it was actually being sold by as their exclusive, so I that’s where I got mine. They also have a variety of other characters, including some from The Force Awakens. This hat is clearly pretty different from the original design, but it’s also clearly inspired by the original. I’d say the new version is probably the better one in most ways. The embroidery on face of the old version is too close in color to the fake “snakeskin” they used, so you can’t really see the detail. The pleather used for the other parts of the new hat is also quite nice compared to the plain cloth of the old one. The eyes on the new hat are covered in a plastic covering that makes them look a bit more realistic.


The old hat did have a nice picture of Jabba on his throne on the underside of the visor, while the new one has a plain visor, but two pictures of Jabba inside of the hat’s dome. One is here:


And the other is here:


It also has a “STAR WARS” logo in some nice raised embroidery on the back.


I really don’t have any complaints about this hat, except that it’s a little too tight, despite the fact that I measured my head in an attempt to get the right size. I don’t actually plan to wear the hat, though, so it’s not a big deal. It retails for $59.99 although it seems to be on permanent sale at Hatland for $53.99.

Upcoming: Star Wars Tsumtsum Plushes Coming on February 16th?

February 2, 2016

Also, pictures of medium and large Star Wars from the UK website!!! #disneystore #tsumtsumtuesday #tsumtsum #starwars

A photo posted by tsumtsumtsum (@tsumtsumtsum) on

This post from Tsumtsumtsum on Instagram indicates that the new Star Wars Tsumtsums will be released on February 16th (although this is apparently for the UK, so we can’t be absolutely sure the same will be true for the US). Not only that, but the Star Wars Tsums will be available in three sizes: small (the “original” size), medium and large. Just look at that gloriously large Jabba! Apparently only the small sized ones will be coming on the 16th, while the larger sizes will follow on the 23rd (I swear Disney does this kind of thing just so they can charge us more for shipping…)

Also, here’s an article from Yahoo about the new plushes. They have nice photos of all of the small versions, like the one below. I take issue with their suggestion that the name is pronounced “soom-sooms” though. I suppose that’s Disney’s attempt to make it easier for English speakers to pronounce, but in Japanese the “t” is definitely not silent.


Fire-King Jabba the Hutt Mug (Star Wars Visions SOGO Yokohama Exclusive)

January 29, 2016


This mug was only available at the “Star Wars Visions” exhibition that was held at the SOGO Department store in Yokohama Japan in November and December of 2015. The exhibition had  some original props and other items on display, although my hunch is that it was pretty small in scale. They also had a “pop-up shop” that accompanied the exhibition, which had a fair amount of Star Wars merchandise, some of which — like this mug — could only be purchased there. They even had a little cafe where you could get Star Wars-themed smoothies, including a “Jabba Jabba Sweet Potato Smoothie” that I wish I could’ve tried.


The mug uses the Fire-King brand, which was made in the US many years ago, but was discontinued in 1976. However, it has remained popular since then and in 2011 the brand was resurrected in Japan, where you can now buy stacking mugs like these in a variety of designs. The artwork they used is the usual artwork that appears on so many vintage Jabba products, which seems appropriate for a retro-styled item like this.


I lived in Yokohama for a year and love the city, so when I found out about this mug I knew I had to have it, even though I knew I couldn’t attend the actual exhibition. These are not cheap, though. Plain Fire-King mugs go for almost $30, and the asking price for the Star Wars ones was 5,000 yen at the exhibition, or around $42. And of course I had to pay more than that to get it from a reseller, so this was one expensive mug! Needless to say, I won’t actually be using it.


Here’s a video that The Japan Times posted about the exhibition.

Now on YouTube: Walmart-Exclusive Jabba’s Throne Set Review

January 26, 2016

Here’s another video I did recently, covering the Walmart-exclusive Jabba’s Throne set.


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